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August 7th, 2018

Hi all, and thanks for visiting….

The Facebook post about the public swimming pool concept went viral over this past weekend. Thanks to everyone that got involved in the debate.
I received a call from Councillor Christopher Wakefield soon after the post. Cllr Wakefield is highly experienced, has served across many services, and is a rather charming fella I have to say!
He said he loved the idea of the public pool facility, and was pleased so many others did too. He added that in his view, some quantitative data was needed from the many people that had interacted with the post.
From there, he advised that I ‘pose the question’ at an upcoming council meeting, with this data to back it up, and with his backing. Word is spreading to the Town Hall….. Great.
After the initial post, I felt obliged to do something.
Thanks to my team for turning this around in about an hour today! The working title SWIM and the domain – it’s a start! (and it cost me £8.99, so i’m now financially committed) 😉
The survey is only 10 questions long, and can be completed in ultra quick time. It will provide some great data to work with.
You have until August 31st to complete it…
Maybe we can turn this thing around together!
If not, we’ll have a bit of fun trying…

All the best… and get this out there….


Joshua Simons
Tribeca Ventures